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Original directors treatment for the video "This video is all about the juxtaposition of mundane, gritty, British reality with fantasy, nature and joy.

Single mom works as a stripper to earn money. It's a time-less, bleak, urban setting and Anne- Marie tells the story while pulling pints in a grotty pub. Clean Bandit are the pub band, playing guitars and acoustic drums to the rhythm of the song. The mother fantasises about a dream world where she loves her own life and job: she becomes an incredible acrobatic pole dancer and is transported with her pole to a breathtaking almost mythical natural landscape."

I joined the project a few days before the shooting.

Even we weren't sure about dreamy location until a few days before the shooting we knew that it's going to be a drone shot

So according to the treatment we had three main parts of the video. Main character's life with baby and tough time working, bar scene of band performing and Rita's dancing and fantasy world. So for each part we went a slightly different camera moves. Thus ordinary bleak life is mostly hand held, closest to reality/documentary. Then bar scene is entirely stadicam. And fantasy world is combination of drone shots with easyrig shots. To have seamless transition from bar to the fantasy we were continue to shoot from alexa mini on a drone with canon..

Lens choices. Soft, nostalgic look, plus small size for the drone.

Location. Choice/scouting. Since we weren't allowed to use the pavement outside of the bar we needed to plan on use of a natural light. Overcast/sun. Planning shooting day regarding the location and sun movements! Last scene for the direction with backyard window.

Color pallette - costumes/art department

Transition shot Combination of two different countries and movements.

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